Cats and Dogs
Cats and Dogs was released on July 4th 2001 by Warner Brothers.

David was Animatronic Effects Supervisor for the feature production. He was working on behalf of Jim Henson's Creature Shop in Los Angeles. The animatronics were created in the Burbank workshops, then flown to Vancouver where priniple photography commenced on June 19th 2000.

Key Henson creatives :
David Barrington Holt - Creative Director
Sally Ray - Animatronic Producer
Peter Brooke - Visual Supervisor
Phil Jackson - Mould and Foam Supervisor
Robin Dufay - Fur and Finish Supervisor
Tristan Maduro - Lead Mechanical Design, Cats
John Criswell - Lead Mechanical Design, Dogs
Jeff Forbes - Electronics Supervisor
Mark Ross - Control Systems Supervisor
and 50 more of the most talented artists ever!!

Director is Larry Guterman, and Producers are Chris deFaria and Andrew Lazar.

David counted 315 animatronic puppet shots in the film. These include shots with CG lip enhancements and puppet paw shots etc., but all were performed by the puppeteers.
Dave working alongside the animatronic Mr Tinkles
"Thank you to the animatronic crew" placed in the Hollywod Reporter
Oscar Bake Off - Animatronic Effects Supervisor
Wednesday 6th February 2002.

David was one of four Supervisors nominated by Warner Brothers for their Visual Effects work on Cats and Dogs.

Ed Jones was overall Visual Effects Supervisor, Blair Clark was the supervisor from Phil Tippett Studio and Bill Westenhofer was the supervisor from Rhythm & Hues.

They reached the Oscar bake off, coming within the last 8 out of hundreds of considerations. The bake off is a presentation to the Acadamy, to determine which three films would be nominated for Best Visual Effects.

Lord of the Rings won this years Effects Oscar.

Puppeteers L to R, Gord Robertson, Micha Sisti, David Barclay and Allan Trautman prepare to perform the Ninja cat.

David and Micha are covered in fake snow, in a sequence that was cut from the final film.