Dave's first performance glove was created in 1991 for the Puppeteer Motion Memory System. The PMMS was written and created by David McCall. The glove had analogue potentiometers, and was hard wired to the a-d breakout box connected to the compaq 286 computer, that was the host for PMMS


Five years later, Dave worked with David McCall's new company Technology Playgroup.

David McCall and Glenn Silver created a 16 channel input breakout box, to allow the performance gloves (or any DID) to interface with a silicone graphics workstation, running SoftImage 3.0

Dave built some simple low polygon models in SoftImage 3.0, which he puppeteered in real time using the Glove and Barclay Box. Although the Indigo2 Extreme computer was fast for it's day, it could not render textures while providing real time visual feedback for the puppeteer. But by using wireframe models, or simple material shaded models, real time performances were successful.

The patented OUTABODY Glove is Dave's latest in performance input devices, designed built and launched in 2004.

The OUTABODY Glove captures the hand performance utilizing multiple forms of analogue and digital sensors.

Co developed with Glenn Silver and Johan Versteegh at Technology Playgroup, the new OUTABODY Glove is the product of 16 years of development, and is being constantly upgraded as sensor technology improves.

Currently nine gloves can be controlled by five performers, all in hard real time.

The OUTABODY Suit is an exo-skeleton input device designed and built by Dave. It's designed to automatically adjust to fit most adults.

It maps the movement of the upper body to the virtual character without the need for optical markers and special environments, streaming its data in hard real time.

The Sensor Box, created by Glenn Silver at Technology Playgroup, is the interface to allow hundreds of hard real time input devices to be read and connected to various applications.

With timecode, RS232, CAN and ethernet support it currently connects 4 OUTABODY Gloves to the Computer Control System, Overdrive.

Overdrive is a motion management control system, which provides state of the art control over both mechanical and computer graphic (virtual) devices.

Standard features include playback and recording of motion simultaneously with audio and timecode etc, a motion editor with f-curve editing, multiple levels of physics and plug-ins, and outputs all data in hard real time.